“I was referred to Dr. Sheikh in 2010 after suffering a back injury from a car accident. I had tried therapy, Facet Injections and pain killers but nothing was working. I was not a fan of pain killers because I needed to function on a daily basis for my family and my career. Dr. Sheikh specializes in a procedure called Radiofrequency ablation/denervation. This procedure left me pain free with no medication and a sense of normalcy for the first time since the accident. He took the time and patience to explain every detail of the procedure and assured me that I was in excellent hands. Trusting a Doctor is one of the most important aspects of seeking care and I trust Dr. Sheikh 1000%. Thank you Dr. Sheikh for being one of the most caring, sincere, patient Doctors that are so hard to find in today’s world and even though you have moved your medical practice to Maryland I WILL be making the 2 hour drive if I need any future treatment. Thank you always.” – CN

“I have suffered with lower back pain for over 10 years. I went to 5 different doctors but I didn’t get relief. I almost gave up but I decided I’d give it one more try. I went to an orthopedic doctor in the same building as our gym. After he checked me over, he recommended Dr. Sheikh because he was more suited for someone who has long term pain. Dr. Sheikh was able to manage my pain in no time. He tried multiple things until he was able to help me, including: 2 types of therapy, a support belt, TENS unit, steroid shots, etc.. He wouldn’t give up until he helped me with my pain. Finally I had the relief I needed to continue working and do some of the things others take for granted. It didn’t happen overnight but I can honestly say my pain is greatly reduced thanks to Dr. Sheikh and I’d recommend him to anyone who has back or neck pain.” – CM

“Dr. Sheikh always listens and takes your concerns into consideration. He includes the patient in the process and explains everything so that you really understand what you are doing and why. He is very encouraging and seems to have new options to offer when something isn’t working. I trust Dr. Sheikh because he always strives to do all he can to provide the best pain relief he can. It matters to him that his patients have good results and experience a higher quality of life. He’s one of a kind!” – DS

“I’ve been suffering with back pain for years and it wasn’t until I started seeing Dr. Sheikh that my pain has gotten better. I was so used to seeing doctors who would just simply give me a prescription for meds and send me on my way. When I was referred to see a pain management doctor I thought that I was just going to end up seeing another doctor who would just hand out a script and not be too concerned with any of my issues. Dr. Sheikh was just the opposite of that. He took the time to go over my full medical history and every scan that I had done to try and come up with an effective plan of treatment to get me pain free or as close to pain free as possible. He did some epidurals on me and as nervous as I was to have this procedure done he was gentle and talked to me through the whole procedure. I would not trust or feel comfortable having any other doctor perform an epidural on my spine. I started seeing him at his Cherry Hill location and when he moved to Washington Township I followed him there. I see him every single month for my issues and at every single visit he still takes plenty of time with me to discuss my pain and my medication to see if there is anything he can do different that will help me. I feel like I not only have a great pain doctor but also a friend in him. I am very sad that he is relocating out of state this time and I am not able to follow him to his new location as it’s too far. I know I will never find another pain management doctor who will be as devoted and dedicated to his patient’s as Dr. Sheikh is and because of him I now understand what exactly I have going on in my back, what my options are, and what to expect as time goes on. If I had to rate him as 10 being the best I would easily give him a 20. I recommend Dr. Sheikh to everyone I meet who has any type of pain issue. Thank you Dr. Sheikh for being such a great doctor, you truly are one of a kind.” – KH

“Yesterday was a sad day for me, I had to say good bye to a great physician and friend Dr. Mohsin Sheikh who will be setting up his new practice in Gaithersburg, MD. Of all the doctors I have had over the many years that have attempted to treat my pain since my car accident, he was the first one who took me seriously, educated me, and treated me like a human being and not a number on a chart! His way of practicing medicine is how they should be teaching it in med school! I wish he and his family the best of luck and urge anyone in the DC metro area who suffers from chronic pain to see him, he is truly gifted!” – LSW

“Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful care you’ve given me over the years. You are truly a rare gift to the medical profession and you will be missed. I was so blessed the day my friend (MC) referred me to you. She spoke so highly of you. You so improved our quality of life and we thank you! Washington D.C. is so lucky to be getting a Top Doc! We will be taking the “Sheikh shuttle” to follow you to D.C. for our injections.” – KHR & MC

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. You might never understand how much you have helped me. You gave me back my life. For seven years I lived everyday in horrible pain from my accident. There were many things I couldn’t do because of how much pain I was in. Just the smallest things like taking my daughter for a walk, pushing her on the swings, and carrying her up the steps. My only wish is that I met you earlier. I never thought I would get to experience what it would be like live a day with little to no pain but you made that happen for me. You gave me back my hope, my life! I will forever be grateful for that. You are an amazing doctor and you will truly be missed, not just by me but from all of your patients.” – KR

“Amazing, amazing, amazing…are the words that describe what Dr. Sheikh was able to do to control my pain. After suffering a traumatic injury, I was in severe pain that was excruciating at times. Dr. Sheikh was able to administer a series of injections that helped restore my ability to walk better and have a more normal life. He gave me hope! Hope that I would not have to take addictive pain medications for the rest of my life. He also formulated a customized topical pain relief cream to help block pain and abnormal sensations in my injured foot. Dr. Sheikh is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I feel so very lucky to have him as my doctor!” – KC

“I am very grateful for the opportunity of having Dr. Sheikh treat me for pain relief. I can’t express my gratitude enough to him for taking me from a place where I was in so much pain with my back—to where I can now move more freely and function more comfortably. I am always impressed with his detail of understanding and treatment plan with me as an individual, and not just as a patient. His compassion and concern for me has always been at the top of his agenda. Because of the great results I’ve had, I recommend Dr. Sheikh to all my family and friends that might benefit from pain relief treatment.” – RJC

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